Date (YYYY/MM/DD)EventTopic
2023/12/11-13Winter School 2023
2023/12/06-08Bridging Disciplines Workshop 2023
2022/08/29 - 09/01Joint EAI & CSG group retreat
TBAJoint M3ODEL, BINARY & Emergent AI Meeting
2022/11Emergent AI scientific retreat
2022/10/5 - 7EMTHERA Computational Biomedicine Symposium
2022/09/27 - 28Emergent AI Annual Meeting
2021/09/08ReALity Seminar Series : The human gut microbiome in health and disease - Dr. Sara Vieira-SilvaBiological adaptation as statistical learning
2021/09/06 - 2021/09/09EAI & BINARY Summer School 2021Introduction to
Statistical Machine Learning
2021/07/15Seminar Series: "Temporal State Machines" - Advait MADHAVAN, University of Maryland, NISTNon-conventional computation
17/12/2020On-line Seminar Series: "Domain wall-magnetic tunnel junction devices for in-memory and neuromorphic computing" - Dr. Jean Anne IncorviaNon-conventional computation
26/11/2020On-line Seminar Series: "Field Theoretical Methods for Bayesian Deep Learning" - Dr. Robert BamlerMachine Learning and Big Data
2020/09/21-25Summer School in Bioinformatics and High-Dimensional StatisticsMachine Learning and Big Data
12/08/2020Online SPICE-SPIN+X Seminar Series:
"Using magnetic tunnel junctions to compute like the brain" (Video Available)- Dr. Mark Stiles, NIST
Non-conventional computation
08/07/2020Online SPICE-SPIN+X Seminar Series:
"Towards deep neural networks with nanoscale spintronic oscillators as neurons" (Video Available) - Prof. Dr. Julie Grollier, CNRS-Thales
Non-conventional computation
Postponed until further notice2020 Annual Meeting
2019/09/12Seminar Series: "Understanding the World with AI: Training and Validating AI Systems Using Synthetic Data" - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp SlusallekArtificial Inteligence systems
2019/09/30 - 2019/10/04CECAM Summer School 2019Machine Learning and Big Data
2019/04/06Seminar Series: "An introduction to Reservoir Computing" - Prof. Dr. Herbert J├ĄgerNon-conventional computation