Winter School 2023

Emergent Algorithmic Intelligence Winter School 2023:
'Self-Organization in Machine Learning'
11th-13th December 2023 | BW Hotel Nierstein

About the Winter School:
This winter school aims to explore the role of self-organization in machine learning, focusing on the latest reasearch and applications. The topic will be based on the research.

Event Details:
• Date: December 11th-13th, 2023
• Location: BW Hotel Nierstein, An d. Kaiserlinde 1, 55283 Nierstein
• Target Audience: PhD students
• Fee: No attendance fee

Session Topics:
• Machine Learning techniques and methods
• Data Modelling
• Unconventional computing
• Dynamical and complex systems
• Neuroscience and representative models

Join us for a workshop led by Prof. Dr. Lyudmila Grigoryeva, a distinguished researcher in machine learning for dynamic processes. The workshop will focus on two key areas: theoretical foundations of machine learning for dynamic processes, particularly Reservoir Computing, and the modeling and predicting time series data using parametric and non-parametric machine learning models.
The workshop will explore the practical applications of these approaches across various fields, focusing on natural sciences. Additionally, the significance of reliable and understandable learning models will be discussed. The key challenges in this domain include designing machine learning models, which guarantee a quantified quality of learning on finite samples and hence allow for their implementation in applications in sensible domains.
Prof. Dr. Lyudmila Grigoryeva's extensive research spans multiple disciplines, including data science, dynamical systems, statistical learning, and others. Her contributions have been featured in leading machine learning and computational science journals, earning her recognition and awards.
This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with peers in group settings and gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques for dynamic processes. Two PhD students will assist Prof. Dr. Lyudmila Grigoryeva and you can find their profile descriptions below. Secure your spot now!

For application fill out the form, found under the following link : Application.
Note that EAI- & IQCB-Members are prioritized
Application will be open until November 7th, 2023.

For inquiries, contact Cosima Caliendo for the Organizing Committee at or Pietro Verzelli for content related questions